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Wine Tasting Without COVID19 Woes

Coastal Tours Ensures Complete Sanitation of Tour Buses to Offer Customers Maximum Protection from COVID-19.

Here, a Coastal Tours team member, ensuring that our bus is always sanitized before and after every trip in order to maximize the health standards of the COVID19 requirements.

In the majestic State of Michigan, wine tasting is an exquisite activity that offers folks a chance to replenish their spirits and rediscover their joie de vivre after long, stressful days. There is nothing better than joining your friends for a drink. Commemorate the joys of life and pay homage to those you hold dear by giving them a toast with the best wine in the state!

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the planet, leaving the Michigan wine tasting industry in difficult circumstances. The threat of disease has prevented wine enthusiasts from enjoying the best wine tours on offer.

However, the inhabitants of this Great Lake State are resilient and committed to the pursuit of their passion. The fear of the virus in our midst has not overtaken the sense of exhilaration that accompanies an excellent wine tasting excursion.

As a result, companies offering wine tasting tours have readily adopted government-issued safety precautions for COVID-19. These companies continue to offer wine enthusiasts a delicious drinking experience while simultaneously guaranteeing their safety.

Pioneering this practice of prioritizing our clients’ well-being, Coastal Tours has taken several measures to combat the virus effectively. These include conducting our tours while following social distancing protocols, establishing rigorous hygiene standards for our employees, and our tour vehicle’s rigorous sanitization.

Our sleek and spacious tour bus is our pride and joy since it serves as the vessel that helps us transport our customers to wonderful wineries. In the light of COVID-19, we have made sure that this automobile is thoroughly cleaned at the beginning and end of every tour. Our clients can rest easy knowing that when they step onto the bus, they are coming into contact with surfaces that have been disinfected regularly by a vigilant taskforce.

People’s lives pre-COVID-19 seem like the distant past, and we can only hope that we will get a chance to reconnect with it soon. Until then, the new normal consists of masks, vigorous hand washing, and schedules that make room for disinfecting our premises. Coastal Tours has adapted to this state of affairs with ease because protecting customers is of paramount importance to the company.

To book a tasting tour, you can make a reservation with us here.

Cheers and don't drink & drive,

Coastal Tours



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