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Wine Tasting with the Precautions of Covid-19

Michigan, like all other States, has been adversely impacted by Covid-19. With over 68,000 cases, we have found ourselves living in a world very different from what it used to be.

A sociable life seems like a dream from the past – a time where we could make new friends, celebrate our children’s milestones, and heal from the baggage of our hearts – all through hearty conversations during a memorable wine tasting experience.

Wine tasting in West Michigan has always been a bonding activity, and while the wine tasting community took a hit, it is slowly re-emerging from the crisis.

As Michigan surfaces from the state government’s stay-at-home orders, it is still crucial for wineries and wine lovers to follow the official safety protocols laid down by the authorities to ensure that we flatten the curve for this virus.

Armed with instructions in line with the rules of social distancing, wineries may be expected to mandate the wearing of masks for all employees and visitors. Wine tasting tours will generally see fewer people per tour, thereby increasing the number of monthly tours across the State to help accommodate more people.

Additionally, sanitization of the winery premises, regular hand washing routines, checking the temperature of all employees and visitors, cleaning of the physical space, reducing a human to human contact by taking wine glasses, and other cutlery off the table are all practices that can be employed by wineries in Michigan.

The new normal at Michigan based wineries, at least for the near future, should be the use of disposable glasses and fewer food items such as crackers on offer during wine tasting tours. Seating options must also change dramatically, with chairs placed at a considerable distance from each other.

It is a difficult time for wine enthusiasts to enjoy what they love most. But if you comply with the relevant safety measures, you can still visit wineries open during the Covid-19 outbreak in Michigan. In fact, an enriching wine tasting experience may just be the ray of sunshine you are seeking in these dark times!

Cheers and don't drink & drive,

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