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Wine Tour Must-Haves — Things to Bring On Your Trip

A wine tour adventure is ten times more pleasurable when you are well-prepared. Many people might not be aware of this, but there are a few items you need to bring on a wine tour to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling experience. Keep reading for a list of wine tour must-haves.

Wine Tour Must-Haves

Here are a few must-haves you must pack before heading out on the wine tour.

  • Sunglasses: Keeping sunglasses handy is always a good idea, especially if you are touring Michigan wineries from June to august. These are the hottest months in Michigan, so it is always best to come prepared

  • Portable phone charger: Since wine tours typically last the whole day, it may be possible for you to run out of phone battery. Always keep a portable phone charger so you can take pictures while on the tour without your phone's battery getting drained

  • Extra layers of clothing: If you are heading on a tour of Michigan wineries from December to March, keeping extra layers of clothing is essential. These are the coldest months in Michigan, and you may get cold while touring the acres of land on these vineyards. Keeping extra layers will allow you to have a comfortable experience

  • Duffle bag: Taking a duffle bag along is optional. However, it is important to have it on hand if you plan to take a few wine bottles home. A duffle bag will allow you to conveniently store the wine bottles

  • Snacks: Even though several of the vineyards and breweries you visit on tour will serve food, it is always good to have a few snacks on hand for times when you get hungry, and food is unavailable

So what are you waiting for? Grab a duffle bag, throw the wine tour must-haves discussed above in it, and begin your wine tour with us. Book a tour now through our website.



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