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Winter Wines to Share with Friends & Family

Picture this: it's a chilly winter day, and you're out with your loved ones, sipping on some delicious wine and engaging in a wholesome conversation; doesn't it sound amazing? This winter, make happy memories with friends and family by planning a wine-tasting escapade in America's top wine hotspot.

Below are some of the finest winter wines to sample in Michigan wineries.

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a wintertime staple and has a long and rich history of being utilized as a traditional Christmas beverage. Something about the garlicky and cinnamony aroma of mulled wine screams the festive season. Mulled wine warms you up in the chilly weather and is ideal for sipping while having meaningful conversations with friends and family.

Fortified Wine

How can we leave out fortified wine when talking about winter wines? Fortified wine is made from fermented grape juice and delivers an excellent sipping experience before or after dinner. This wine is a boozy delight and has a rich baking spice taste with a hint of raisins, making it the ideal beverage for winter. The icing on the cake is the companionship of friends and family while savoring it.


Viognier wine is a must-try during the winter, especially for Chardonnay fans. This creamy and thick wine tastes even better when the temperature drops and the fruity flavor combined with a hint of garlic is a joy for your palette. Enjoy this delectable wine while admiring the views from Michigan's magnificent vineyards with friends and family.

You can sample all the winter wines listed above by arranging a tour of Michigan Vineyards and Wineries with your friends and family. This will be an absolute treat for your loved ones and a wonderful bonding experience. So, what are you waiting for?

Book a tour via our website to indulge in Michigan's delicious wines.



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