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Last Revision: November 15, 2022


I would like to visit wineries and brewpubs! Can we do that on the same day?

Yes, when you reserve a Private Tour you can choose between wineries, breweries, and distilleries, and can even do a combination. Please provide us with your request, as we are always happy to help you put together the tour using our extensive knowledge of the locations to make the Best Tour!


What is included in Coastal Tours?

We provide pick up from your doorstep or a central location! Bottled water is available for all our guests. We have a large cooler to use if you purchase anything that needs to be kept cold.


What is your cancellation policy?

We need ten days (10) to cancel with a full refund.


What is not included?

Most wineries charge $7 - $15 for tasting fees for multiple samples.  Driver gratuity is not included and is greatly appreciated! 20% is the industry standard.


Do you offer join-in tours?

Unfortunately, we do not offer join-in tours. You can still be in a request for a smaller tour of 2-3 people to see if there is availability.

When should we make our reservation with Coastal Tours?

We recommend making a reservation with Coastal Tours as soon as possible, as many of our tours, especially on Saturdays sell out in advance. We do accept reservations on the day of the tour when there is availability.


How large of a group can go on a tour?

Our largest vehicle accommodates up to 14 guests. If both vehicles are available we can accommodate up to 24 people.


How many places can we visit in a 4 Hour Tour?

Most guests visit three establishments in a 4 hour tour, at a comfortable pace.


When does our tour time start and end?

For Private Tours, the time that you have reserved starts at your scheduled pickup time and ends at your scheduled drop off time.


Do wineries and breweries need to know we are coming to visit?

Yes, especially with larger groups. We make arrangements, with the establishments, in advance of our visit. Some establishments may require a prepayment. 

How long is each stop at a winery usually?

It varies, of course, depending on how busy it is and how many questions tasters have but generally, you can expect to spend around 50-75 minutes at a winery/brewery for a tasting.


When do I pay the deposit?

A minimum deposit of 50% is due when you make your reservation. 


What can we bring with us?

Please bring cash for tasting fees and gratuity. Also, bring your ID as most establishments require a photo ID. You may bring food or snacks, however, avoid messy foods to avoid any cleaning fees. We want you to have a great experience at all establishments and by Michigan Law, all establishments must decline service of anyone that arrives over-served.

What happens if a member of our group gets refused service at an establishment on the tour?

If a member of your party is intoxicated or exhibiting such poor behavior that they are refused service or are asked to leave, the tour will end and the driver will immediately transport the group back to the original starting point. There will be no refund given. Please drink responsibly and behave with kindness and respect at all establishments.


Is smoking allowed?

No. All vehicles are non-smoking, this includes vaping.

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