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Wine Tasting Near Michigan — A Visitors Guide

White sandy beaches, dreamy blue skies, and never-ending bright green forests make Michigan a must-visit destination. However, do you know what else Michigan is known for? Its delectable vineyards. So when near Michigan, you must never miss out on experiencing Michigan's wine-tasting scene. Here is a guide on wine tasting near Michigan:

Crane's Winery

Crane's Winery is located only a few minutes from the Michigan coastline and is a go-to destination for wine lovers. They are famous for their pie pantry and have secured several awards serving the most delicious wines. They also have a dining restaurant within the Winery where you can enjoy delectable meals after tasting their wide selection of delicious wines.

Wyncroft Cellars

If you want to experience the best Michigan wine and have a group of six or more individuals, stopping by the Wyncroft cellars is the best decision you can make for yourself. The vinery is family owned and has been operational since 1998.

When you reach, you will be greeted by a friendly owner who will give you a 1.5-hour tasting tour in which you will get to taste some of the finest locally made wines.

FennValley Winery

FennValley Winery is a must-visit location for individuals looking to indulge in wine tasting near Michigan. They are famous not only for the outstanding wine they serve but also for their rich history. The winery is known as one of the oldest wineries in town, which makes it even more popular among wine lovers.

FennValley Winery is located on a scenic property that serves as a spectacular backdrop for pictures. They also serve some light snacks with the wine taking your wine-tasting experience to the next level.

If you are a true wine lover and want to visit all these locations in one day — we recommend booking a wine tour with coastal tours. We will take you on a tour of the best spots for wine tasting near Michigan. So what are you waiting for?

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