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Michigan Wineries To Visit This Summer

With the Covid19 pandemic, at last, coming to an end, It is time for family and friends to get together for parties, and it is also a great time for wine tasting and trips to Michigan's best vineyards.

We offer you our list of top recommendations to enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer this year.

Virtue Cider Fennville

This company was opened in 2011 in Fennville, Michigan, by Gregory Hall. They make proper farmhouse ciders with the best of fresh apples and with traditional methods. Visit this farmhouse to sample their wines, oversee the making, or buy yourself a bottle from their very own bottle shop!

Cogdal Vineyards

Cogdal Vineyards In South Haven are a must-visit. They offer live music, events, and dinners, together with their excellent grape wines.

Mcintosh Apple Orchards and Winery

They offer a wide selection of premium wines that they make and bottle on their own property. Visit their orchards and drink the best quality of wine in the beautiful surroundings. Take bottles of wine home for your family and friends and keep some in your cellar for later.

Cranes Pie Pantry Restaurant and Winery

Although they are better known for their bakery pies and restaurant, they also create both wines and ciders in their family-owned property in Fennville. They are a small production house, bringing you the best of high-quality tasting wines and ciders.

Fennvalley Vineyards

A tour of the vineyard is about an hour and forty-five minutes long. During this time, you get to try the region's best of best wines. From basic sparkling white wines to other fruit wines, dessert wines, and their esteemed red wines, these are only a few names from the hundreds of wineries that the state of Michigan has to offer, and you can choose any of these to visit.

Pick the beautiful months of the Michigan summer for your trip.



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