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Here's Why Michigan Needs To Be On the Bucket List of Wine Lovers

All wine enthusiasts will understand that your passion for wine may drive you to do insane things like flying

across the nation merely to sample various wines from different regions. Michigan vineyards are popular locations for wine enthusiasts.

For ages, Michigan has been a prolific producer of exquisite wines that have left all enthusiasts in bliss. Here are a few reasons why Michigan wineries should be on your list of locations to visit if you enjoy wine:

Home to Over 140 Wineries

Yes, you read it right, Michigan is home to over 140 wineries making it the ideal spot for all wine lovers. So no matter what wine lover you are, you will likely find a winery from the 140 wineries that pique your interest.

For example, individuals who appreciate learning about wine-making history can visit the FennValley winery — the oldest winery in town. Moreover, individuals who want to experience a California/European-style wine tour can head to the Wyncroft Cellars in Pullman.

One-Of-A-Kind Wine Tours

Another thing that makes Michigan an ideal destination for wine lovers is that Michigan offers some of the best wine tours you will ever experience. Coastal tours in Michigan are ideal for individuals who want to experience visiting some of the top Michigan wineries in just one day.

Their tours involve a tour of over 14 Wineries, breweries, and cider houses, and their experts go above and beyond to ensure you have the best wine-tasting experience.

The best part is that they also offer private tours where you can pick your destinations and have a memorable wine-tasting experience with your friends and family. Their private tour buses can accommodate around 10 and 14 groups of individuals. So grab your wine-loving friends and book a tour with coastal tours now by visiting their website.



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