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COVID19: Taking Measures to Make Sure we’re Always Putting our Clients’ Health First

A tasting tour has always been a guilty pleasure for many wines or beer aficionados. However, a pandemic does not discriminate, wreaking causing havoc and throwing our plans into disarray. The good news is that we always adapt and persevere.

At Coastal Tours, we have always honored our commitment to the safety and well-being of our clients. The Covid-19 threat has only increased our determination to protect your health while you enjoy the best wine and beer tasting experiences on the market.

Social distancing and hygiene are both keys to flattening the curve and we are establishing protocols to ensure that you stay safe on a tasting tour.

As such, you can expect our virus combating effort on two fronts – sanitization, and reducing the likelihood of human-to-human contact.

Many of our clients have taken a ride on our state of the art tour bus during one or more wine or beer tasting tours. Being a key feature that makes our tours successful, this vehicle requires regular maintenance. Hence, our hygiene protocols heavily focus on the sanitization of the tour bus.

Moreover, regular hand washing is being mandated for our staff, and everyone is instructed to carry hand sanitizers on tour.

To reduce physical contact, you can expect our tour guides to wear masks and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet while on tour.

As grievous as it sounds, we are also planning to reduce the number of people accommodated in a single tour so that we can ensure social distancing. However, we will be increasing the number of monthly tours to give all clients the opportunity to visit their winery or brewery of choice.

Customer safety is paramount in every tour undertaken by our team. We understand that in these difficult times, a wine or beer tasting tour can be an escape from crippling anxiety. Our aim, therefore, is to help you relax, and enjoy some great drinks while staying safe!

Cheers and don't drink & drive,

Coastal Tours



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