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Basic Rules for Beer Tasting

If your significant other has arranged a romantic beer tasting tour in West Michigan or you have planned a fun beer tasting session with your friends, it’s important that you’re aware of what to expect. Everyone going on a beer tasting should not only know but understand the rules and etiquettes to revel fully in the experience.

It’s important that you respect the rules for beer tasting; otherwise, it holds no meaning and is just like any other night out getting drunk or wasted with your friends or loved ones.

For anyone who wants to dive into the craft beer world, it’s important that they develop their palate, vocabulary, and knowledge first. At Coastal Tours, we give everyone the chance to experience the majesty of the finest wineries and breweries along the Lake Michigan Shore.

A beer-tasting session in West Michigan is exactly like a wine degustation, with the only distinction being that you’ll be tasting beer instead of wine. Participants will be taught how to assess the color, aroma, and taste of various beers during the session, along with the right temperature for serving beer.

If you’ve been wondering what basic rules for beer tasting, you should prepare for you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you should know before going on a beer tasting tour with Coastal Tours:

1) Beer Selections

Beginners should restrict their choice to only 7 different beers, so they don’t end up overwhelming their untrained taste buds.

2) The Right Location

Notice the location where the beer tasting is being held. There shouldn’t be any intrusive odors as that will interrupt the senses of taste and smell of the participants. Smoking isn’t permitted to ensure that participants can enjoy the aromas of the beer in its original state.

3) The Ideal Temperature

The temperature of the beer should be perfect, and for light beer, such as a lager or a wheat beer, it should be close to 8-degrees, which is why they are best served straight from the fridge. Strong brews that have more than 8% alcohol content can be served between 10-degrees to 13-degrees.

4) The Glasses

Check to see if the correct glasses are being used for beer tastings, and there shouldn’t be any beer mugs. There are special tasting glasses that allow the aromas to develop perfectly. Classic red wine glasses are often used for beer tastings for this purpose.

5) Tasting Sequence

The order in which the beers are served is crucial for the participants as it helps build their senses to perceive the aromas. Lighter beers should be served first before you move onto beers with higher alcohol content.

6) The Perception

You should focus on switching on all your senses. The eye will judge the quality first, after which your sense of smell will perceive the aroma, after which you will taste the beer. Take small sips as you want the beer to flow over your tongue so that all your taste buds can detect the various aromas.

7) Don’t Forget to Nibble

You should take a small bite of white bread, and wash it down with non-carbonated water after each sample to neutralize the taste. That ensures no aromas are lingering when you taste the next beer.

Cheers, and don't drink and drive,

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