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A Guide to Hot & Spiced Wine for the Holidays

The holidays are only complete if your taste buds are greeted with a taste of hot and spiced wines during cold winter nights and joyful friend and family gatherings. With so many hot and spicy wines, choosing which ones to sample can be difficult. Here is a holiday wine guide featuring the most popular warm and spicy wine for this holiday season.

Try Out Classic Mulled Wines

"Mulling" can be described as warming, sweetening, and seasoning wine with spices and herbs. Mulled wine is usually made with red wine since the rich flavors of the red wine complement the spicy tones from the toasty ingredients quite well. The tale of heated mulled wine dates back to ancient times when the Romans sought delicious wine to heat themselves during cold blizzards.

Mulled wine is the most peculiar-tasting wine you will ever sample since it includes a tinge of vanilla, cinnamon, bay leaves, basil, and many other ingredients. Its spicy flavor and vanilla notes make it an outstanding wine for the festive season.

The best part about sampling mulled wine is that everywhere you go, you will notice a variation in its taste due to the different types of red wines and spices used to make it. This makes it fun to taste this wine every time since your taste buds will enjoy a burst of new flavors each time.

So, if you want to embark on a voyage of sampling hot and spicy wine fit for the holidays, take a tour of Michigan's top vineyards and breweries with coastline tours. Our tours include over 14 locations with the best holiday wine, and at each destination, you will be able to sample some of the most remarkable types of locally and handcrafted mulled wine.

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