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Winter Holiday Season Wines

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The best time to visit Michigan is in the winter. The holiday seasons- Christmas through New Year brings great events to Michigan wineries - glorious dinings, events for kids, getaways, and of course, wine tasting!

Take your family and friends out, plan now and book a tour with us! Make your reservations to avoid disappointments.

Refresh, relax, and rejoice - clear your mind and make unforgettable memories to cherish forever. Drink and taste the best holiday season wines Michigan has to offer while on you with us.

Here we provide you a list of the top six must-taste wines- every sip you take will be pure Michigan.

  1. Mulled wines - Fenn valley vineyards' favorite mulled wines get really popular when the temperature is chillier outside. Their blend of red wine combined with cinnamon, oranges, and cloves is perfect for the winter.

  1. Cabernet Franc - The Cabernet from Cogdal Vineyard, with its dark cherry and strawberry notes, is another great addition to our list of wines.

  1. Arcturos Merlot - This wine pairs well with almost anything. It is a dry wine with plum and blackberry flavors; the texture is velvet-like and leaves a long-lasting impression on your pallet. You can taste this wine at Black star farms, Suttons Bay, MI.

  1. Arcturos Dry Riesling - Another wine that goes with a variety of foods. With its fruity aroma and balanced acidity, it is the perfect drink for festive occasions like thanksgiving. Try this Riesling at Crane's pie pantry and winery!

  1. Pinot noir - A holiday classic, pair it with your favorite dishes and enjoy the irresistible flavor of pear and grapefruit, berry, or the tangy apple crisp, with a company of good old friends! You can find this wine at Modales Winery.

  1. Meritage - Another great wine you can have at Fenn Valley Vineyard. An excellent choice to pair with red meat. Its complex aromas linger till the very end, and each sip is savory and full of flavor.

These are only a very few which we have mentioned. There is a whole list of other names which pair perfectly with the holidays.

So explore the world of Michigan wines - taste your favs and stock up!

To book a tasting tour, you can make a reservation with us here.

Cheers and don't drink & drive,

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