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Wine Tasting Etiquette — Taste Wine Like A Pro

Wine-tasting tours may be a one-of-a-kind experience. However, if you don't know wine-tasting etiquette while everyone else in the room is a pro, things can quickly go from fun to embarrassing. However, we won't allow that to happen to you, not on our watch. Here are the dos and don'ts of a wine-tasting tour to ensure you are well-versed in wine-tasting etiquette:

The Do's

Here are a few things you should do on a wine-tasting tour:

  • Tip the pourer: Most wineries require you to pay a service charge, so you don't have to worry about any payments afterward. However, you must always tip the pourer before leaving. The pourers deserve a gesture of appreciation — which is even more important if you've had a delightful experience

  • Do use spittoons: Many people new to wine tasting may think using spittoons may be rude. However, it is completely fine to use spittoons when you're on a wine tour. Doing so will allow you to control your wine intake

  • Ask questions: Questioning your pourer about the wine and its history is a great idea. Doing so will allow you to learn new and interesting facts about the wines you are tasting and enhance your entire wine-tasting experience

The Don'ts

Here are a few don'ts of wine-tasting etiquette:

  • Avoid wearing strong perfume: Wine tasting is primarily about appreciating a wine's scents. Hence, avoid wearing strong perfumes that may prevent you and the other people in the tasting room from fully appreciating the aromas of the wine you are tasting

  • Drink in moderation: Intoxicated wine tasters are the most bothersome for the pourers and other guests at a wine tasting. Hence, you must always drink the wine slowly to avoid embarrassing incidents

  • Drink less and savor more: Many overlook the aim of wine tasting, which is to savor and appreciate the flavor. Wine tastings are all about savoring the scents and flavors of this beverage. Swirling, sipping, and smelling is the key to enjoying your wine

Now that you know the dos and don'ts of wine-tasting etiquette, you can book a tour with us on our website and embark on an unforgettable journey.



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