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Top Fall Season Wine Tours in Michigan

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Michigan has got to be one of the top picks in the US for wine tours. For wine enthusiasts and those who enjoy the outdoors, Michigan offers plenty of options when it comes to wine and beer tours that can be enjoyed all through the year, especially during the fall season. Keeping that in mind, here are the top picks for fall wine tours in South Haven, Michigan.

Fenn Valley Vineyards and Wine Cellar

Fenn Valley Vineyards is a charming winery that’s located in South Haven, Michigan. The winery is most notable for its delicious grapes, courtesy of the phenomena known as “the lake effect.” The grapes are a lot tastier because of their close proximity to water as compared to other vineyards that are farther away. Fenn Valley Vineyards organize educational as well as private wine tasting tours. There’s also the Nouveau Festival that’s a must-visit for wine aficionados.

Cogdal Vineyards

Cogdal Vineyards is another great option if you’re looking for wine tours in South Haven, Michigan. The vineyard is open noon to 5 pm every day and hosts many events throughout the year, especially during the fall season. You can visit the family-run enterprise and taste some of Cogdal Vineyards signature wines.

Modales Wines

Nestled in the fruit belt at Fennville, and located just four miles from Lake Michigan, Modales Wines offers great wine tasting opportunities. The tours to Modales Wines are one of the most sought-after in the region since they focus on small batches of handcrafted wines that taste exceptional.

A wine or beer tour is only as good as the tour operator you select. Coastal Tours has years of experience in organizing group and family tours to some of the best wineries and beer breweries that the state of Michigan has to offer.

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