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The Seasonal Switch: Beer & Wine For Fall

The Seasonal Switch: Beer & Wine For Fall

The month of Autumn is marked by more than pumpkin spice lattes. That’s right. It is also that time of the year when you change your wine or beer. You will soon be sleeping in cooler nights and waking to crisper mornings. The change in temperature also calls for a change in your choice in wine or beer preferences.


Dry Riesling by Cogdal vineyards

Dry Riesling starts off with punchy citrus and green apple nose, which is then followed by a full-body taste of grapefruit, that’s complemented with a lovely melon finish. The taste is perfect for the cool fall months and makes for a great companion during those long nights. Pour yourself a glass of this dry Riesling and indulge yourself to some rich and lively flavor.

Merlot by Cogdal vineyards

This savory Merlot is made from dark-skinned grapes that hail in Cogdal Vineyards, bringing with it the flavors of ripe cherry, strawberry, and mocha, with a light pepper finish making it an unbeatable combination with a bowl of pasta.


Fall beers are created to enjoy with ease. The rich taste of a fall brew helps facilitate those deep moments of reflection that we often experience during this seasonal transition.

DGS 7 Russian Imperial Stout by Three Blondes Brewing

Forget pumpkin ales, the DGS 7 Russian Imperial Stout by Three Blondes Brewing will give you a dose of chocolate, coffee, and caramel notes met with raspberry and smooth vanilla. This is by far, the best fall beer with a delectably crisp finish.

Michigan Amber by Big Lake Brewing

If you’re looking to taste something that’s a little close to home, then why not go with Michigan Amber by Big Lake Brewing. Each bottle boasts flavors that are a complex, yet a delightful mix of Lake Michigan water and locally sourced ingredients. It has just enough bitterness and carbonation, and an herbal aroma to offer a pleasantly crisp and refreshing finish. Best enjoyed with a hearty stew on a chilly night.

Confused? Don’t be!

If you aren’t sure how to celebrate the ending of several sultry months then why not take a private or group tour with none other than Coastal Tours. You will get access to the best wineries and breweries in Michigan’s lakeshore tours, so contact us today to get a piece of the action.

We have loads of options in wineries, vineyards, and breweries, that are ideal for birthdays/anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, girls night out, fundraisers and so on. So, contact us to schedule a tour. If you’re new to the world of wine or beer then find out the taste that suits you with Coastal Tour packages.

  • Wineries; Fenn Valley Vineyards, Crane's Winery, McIntosh Cellars, and Cogdal Vineyard.

  • Breweries; Saugatuck Brewing Co., Big Lake Brewery, Tripleroot, Pike 51, Brewery 4 Two 4, Mitten Brewing Co., Virtue Cider, and Three Blondes Brewing.

Even if the leaves have started to fall and the weather has started to cool, it’s never too late to book your tour with Coastal Tours at Saugatuck, MI.

Cheers & don't drink and drive,

Coastal Tours

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PistonFly™ LLC
PistonFly™ LLC
Oct 15, 2018

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