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Social Distancing While Enjoying Time With Friends & Family at a Winery or Brewery

Social distancing and drinking sound counter-intuitive. Could you have imagined that one day we would have to use infectious disease-related safety protocols while drinking to make sure that we can curb the spread of a deadly virus? It does not sound normal! But we aren’t living in normal times.

Covid-19 has changed our lives dramatically. But what’s certain is that now more than ever, we must hold on to the things we love in order to replenish ourselves in these tough times.

So, if you are a wine or beer lover who enjoys tasting tours, do not despair. You can still make the most of your visit by taking the right precautions.

Stay Beer-y Safe!

Wearing protective equipment reduces the risk of virus transmission. Make sure your trip to your winery or brewery of choice is accompanied by the adoption of this protocol.

Other safety measures to use at a winery or brewery include sanitizing your hands every 20 minutes, reducing physical contact with other people, and maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from your friends.

We know it sucks to not high five your friends after enjoying some great beer, but a thumbs up from afar works just as well!

Take it Outside

Covid-19 can spread faster in closed spaces. It is a good idea therefore to take your tasting experience outdoors, even while visiting a winery or brewery.

Drinking outdoors can help you and your friends have great wine and beer tasting experience! Think of the fresh air and the sunshine on your face as you sip your drink and text your friend across the patio about how good it tastes.

A pandemic can uproot life so suddenly that it does not even give time to make quick adjustments. But necessity is, after all, the mother of invention! And it is in the most challenging of times that our creativity surfaces most.

Wineries and breweries are working round the clock to make sure they adhere to social distancing protocols while also offering their customers a wonderful drinking experience.

Rest assured, you can still have the best time drinking with your friends and family.

To book a tasting tour, you can make a reservation with us here.

Cheers and don't drink & drive,

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