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Must Have Beers In Michigan

Michigan is the state with the fifth-most breweries in the United States, just over 350 in 2018! With so many breweries producing and releasing different and unique beers each day, there are so many great Michigan beers to drink and enjoy.

Here we will list just some of these Michigan beers even though this list could go up to the 100s!

Fudgie Kreuger

This delicious beer is brewed with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and lactose to form a sweet and rich stout! You can try this oatmeal Stout at Big Lake Brewers!

Peanut Butter Porter

The Peanut Butter Porter is a seasonal release from the amazing Saugatuck Brewing Co. It is filled with amazing peanut butter flavors that make for a smooth American Porter.

Neapolitan Milk Stout

Another great beer from the amazing brewers at Saugatuck Brewing company. This beer first tastes like chocolate, then some vanilla, before finally giving you flavors of delicious strawberry!

She-Shed Shindig

This beer made by the Guardian Brewing Company is a mix of two flavorful beers, a Patersbier barleywine and an eleven percent barleywine, which is then aged in a Bourbon barrel. It is a little more special and unique when compared to your everyday light beers.

Trees and Seas

You can find the Trees and Seas beer at Three Blondes Brewing. An American IPA with citrus flavors and brewed with Citra and Centennial hops. It is flavorful but not overly fruity and not too hoppy!


Waypost Brewing from Fennville, Michigan, takes the normal Belgian Wheat Ale Saison and makes it their own. Adding pear and citrusy notes with some white pepper takes this Saison to the next level. This beer even took home the gold medal in the Saison categories in the Great American Beer Festival 2021!

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