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Michigan Wine Varieties

The State of Michigan is the fourth largest grape-growing state in America. Because of this, Michigan has become one of the top 10 states well known for its wine and beer production.

Some Michigan wine varieties are mentioned below, which are specific to the Michigan state only;


Riesling grapes grow well in cool climates; hence Michigan is home to growing these Riesling grapes and making all versions of dry and sweet Riesling wines which can satisfy everyone's taste. Apart from the standard Riesling wines, Michigan also makes ice and sparkling wines which are considered wine delicacies.

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

These wines are also made from grapes that grow in the colder regions. These wines are lighter than the usual reds but are also a little paler than white wines. Some consider the Pinot Gris and the Pinot Grigio to be the best available wines in Michigan state.

Cabernet Franc

The Cabernet Franc is a darker variety; it has a light tone and smells of bell peppers, raspberries, and even tobacco sometimes!

Pinot Noir

This type of wine is dry and has strong fruity flavors of plums and dark spicy cherries. It is produced in oak barrels from grapes that are widely planted across Michigan.

Pinot Blanc

This wine contains little sugar; it is light and white and often dry with underlying flavors of tropical fruits.


Michigan's Merlot wine is less soft than the Merlot wines made in California. Wine lovers, though, seem to have a liking for Michigans' warm and dark Merlot versions.

Ice Wine

The Ice wine produced in Michigan is the perfect companion to the state's harsh cold winters. The ice wine tastes like honey and results from a painstaking process; as such, only a very small number of wineries make this wine.

Fruit wine

Made from fermented apples and cherries grown in Michigan, these fruit wines are a popular wine production. A blend of cherries and grapes is used to make these wines. So when you are in Michigan, do try their fruit wines!

There are thousands of acres of vineyards to explore and hundreds of Michigan wines to taste. With a longer harvesting period than in other states, Michigan is a must-visit for experiencing the crisp and fruity wines that no other state can offer.

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