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Michigan Wineries After Covid19

The Covid19 pandemic is almost over. Thank God for that!

In Michigan, though, even during the covid19 restrictions, the tours and visits had continued regularly. Due to the vast open spaces that vineyards and breweries offer, people seemed excited to get out and about and enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes after being locked up in homes and apartments.

Some changes had to be made to adapt to the Covid19 pandemic - with the focus being on providing outside facilities for wine tasting. A large number of wineries erected igloo-like structures to cater to their visitors. One of these was the Fenn Valley Vineyard, among others. Michigan wineries and vineyards have done an excellent job following SOPs (standard operating procedures) and keeping all its customers safe while offering the best wine-tasting experience in these outdoor settings.

Don’t make Covid19 an excuse for not visiting and touring the Michigan Vineyards and wineries. In actual fact, with the ease in SOPs, now is the time for you to come over and experience the super wines and beers we offer. Just make sure you wear your mask when necessary and keep the required distance between yourself and others, and sanitize as often as possible. If you obey all these rules, you are safe to go and enjoy all the wine you can drink!

You will have an amazing time - the crowds will be less, you will be treated like VIPs, you can stay longer and spend less (because of the discounts and offers available in hotels and motels). With the decrease in temperatures and winter on its way, the fun is just around the corner!

Cheers and don't drink & drive,

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