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Ideal Attire for Wine-Tasting Tours

Have you ever seen royalties in movies and TV shows wearing exquisite and fancy attire while sipping wine? There is no reason you shouldn't feel that way when on a wine-tasting tour. So here is a guide to the ideal attire for wine-tasting:

Out with the Casual, In With the Dressy

The first step when picking attire for wine tasting is to understand that wine tasting is considered equivalent to a posh activity, so showing up in a casual t-shirt doesn't make the right impression. Hence, you want to dive into the crevices of your closet and pick out a formal shirt or a dress.

Choose Colors Carefully

When choosing an outfit for a wine tour, you want to consider factors like the weather and choose the color accordingly. If you are taking a wine-tasting tour in the summer, you want to stick to light colors and airy patterns to avoid getting too warm. Whereas or the winter, you can stick to fashionable dark tones.

Ditch the Lipstick for Chap Stick

We know this advice may bother lipstick-loving ladies. However, if you wear lipstick to a wine tour, you may have to re-apply it every few minutes since most of it may come off when you are tasting the wine. So save yourself from the hassle of reapplying lipstick whenever you taste wine.

Make a Statement with a Jacket

A wine tour is an ideal occasion to don that jacket you have been wanting to wear but have not been able to wear due to the fear of overdressing.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

You must have heard of the phrase 'footwear can make or break an outfit.' So choose your footwear wisely. Moreover, wine tours will involve you touring vineyards stretching across acres, so make sure the footwear you choose is comfortable.

So what are you waiting for? Head to your closet and pick and put together attire for a wine-tasting tour with us. You can book a tour through our website



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