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How to Surprise Your Wife with a Wine Tour in Michigan

When it comes to anniversary or birthday surprises, at Coastal Tours, we can safely say that we have got the art of bringing people together by offering them some of the wildest wine experiences in Michigan. A wine tasting tour isn’t just for drinking and tasting wine, it is a complete experience that your significant other is going to appreciate. We guarantee it!

From new patios overlooking vineyard panoramas to gourmet food plates paired with vintage bests, most wineries and have become entertainment centers. They boast dinners, live music, in-vines yoga, and even grape-decked trails for cycling. Any of these experiences can be planned as a surprise for your wife through Coastal Tours, as we excel in offering you the wildest winery experiences in Michigan.

Biking Along the Wine Trail

Want to do something different than a simple wine tasting experience? You can grab a rental from Grand Traverse Bike Tours and cycle a flat, safe wooded trail that goes to 8 or 10 wineries. You can choose from a self-guided tour, where your route will be mapped out and your purchases will be picked up so you can enjoy your bike ride.

You can also opt for guided tours, and the country roads near Baroda are renowned for cycling to wineries on the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.

Book a Winery Sleepover

One of the best surprises to give your wife is to book a winery inn on the Traverse Wine Coast and get the chance to play wine chateau owner. The plush suites and rooms at the Chateau Chantal Winery and Inn, along with the Inn at Black Star Farms offer private tastings, gourmet breakfasts with cozy spots and fireplaces in the common areas.

The Inn at Chateau Grand Traverse offers majestic views and delicious breakfast, while you get a complimentary bottle of wine with every night’s stay.

Enjoy Wine with Live Music

It’s scientifically proven that music affects the taste of any given variety of wine, which is something that’s being put to the test on sensory tasting experiences at various Michigan wineries. However, whether Jazz pairs best with red wine or a singer-songwriter with white wine, you should know that there is nothing that beats the experience of enjoying live music on a vineyard patio.

You can experiment with different wines to the backdrop of live Celtic tunes at Rove Estate Vineyard & Tasting Room, which is perched on the highest points in the Traverse City area. You can even join in the fun at Karaoke night at Resort Pike Winery and Cidery in Petoskey as well.

Cheers & don't drink and drive!

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