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How to Make the Best Out Of a Wine Tour?

Did you know that over 4,000 acres of Michigan land are dedicated to approximately 50 types of wine grapes, including award-winning varieties? So it's no surprise that Michigan is famous for its vineyards that serve exquisite wine. So, if you are fortunate enough to experience a Michigan wine tour, here are a few tips to help you make the most of it:

Ask Away

Asking questions on your Michigan wine tour is critical to ensure you have the best and most rewarding experience. These wine tours are not just about tasting wine but also about enhancing your knowledge about the different wines you are tasting.

Knowing how the wines are produced and the history behind the wines you are tasting makes the experience of tasting these wines ten times better. Here are a few questions you can ask the pourer while on a wine tour:

  • How was this wine made?

  • What type of grapes were used to make this wine?

  • What is the history of this wine?

Take Your Favorites Home

If you discover a new wine you adore, we recommend not thinking twice about purchasing a bottle and bringing it home. This will not only allow you to savor the wine back home, but it will also serve as memorabilia of the trip. Bringing your favorite wine bottle home will also save you from regretting not purchasing it later.

Take Your Time Tasting Wine

One of the primary goals of going on wine-tasting tours is to savor the scents and flavor profile of the wine, which you can only accomplish by taking your sweet time drinking and swirling wine. So, rather than quickly sampling one wine and moving on to the next, take your time and fully appreciate the wine's flavor and aromas.

Now that you know how to make the best out of a wine tour, visit our website to book a tour of some of Michigan's best wineries.



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