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Holiday Season Beers to Try in Michigan

Do you know that one of the oldest and most widely consumed drinks in the world is beer?

Yes, after water and tea, it comes in third place of the most popular drinks in the world. It is a part of the traditions and cultures of many countries and is still a booming industry today.

Every year the Michigan breweries are bringing to the market new, boldly strong, and flavorful beers and widening the taste of their consumers with innovative concoctions.

There is something for everyone, and quality beers can be tried and tasted when you come on a tour of the breweries in Michigan with us!

According to us, the top beers to try this holiday season are:

1. Barrel-aged imperial stout.

It is a fudgy, thick beer with prominent characteristics to keep yourself warm and cozy during cold winter nights. Drink this beer with friends while gathering around a fireplace.

2.Daze On Saison.

For your favorite farmhouse ale taste, open a bottle of Daze On Saison and make your meal lively, or just sip it alone as you relax after a hard day's work. Make your way to the Saugatuck Brewing Co. to have a glass of this beer.

3. Schwarzbier.

Dark, black, and with a restricted flavor, neither too heavy nor too sweet. This beer is quite refreshing to drink and can be found at Waypost Brewing.

4. Triple mashed.

Vanilla, dark cocoa, wood and roast smooth, light and sweet, and very enjoyable. a must-try

5. Triple Crown Brown.

Have the best of times as you sip this malty brown ale with light chocolate flavors. Have a taste of this beer at The Mitten Brewing Company in Saugatuck, MI.

6.West coast swing.

Another great The Mitten Brewing Co. beer is a concoction of caramel and crisp amber malt, with a smooth texture. To book a tasting tour, you can make a reservation with us here.

Cheers and don't drink & drive,

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