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Guide to Smelling & Tasting Wine

Wine tasting is no less than art since when tasting a wine, you must employ a unique wine-tasting and smelling technique to unravel the true aromas and flavors of the beverage.

Therefore, knowing how to taste and smell wine is the key to having a satisfying wine-tasting experience. Keep reading for a guide on how to smell and taste wine.

How to Smell and Taste Wine

Smelling wine before tasting it is an important step in preparing your brain for the flavors your taste receptors will encounter when you taste it. Wine goes through a fermentation process, which allows it to collect an infinite number of chemical components. When you smell a wine, you inhale its myriad aromas and sense its taste profile. Here are a few steps you can follow on a wine tour to guarantee you taste and smell wine correctly.

  • Step 1: Swirl, swirl, swirl: Swirling the wine is one of the most important steps of wine tasting. Swirling your wine gently will allow the wine to release its aromas into the air.

  • Step 2: Smell: After a few seconds of swirling, you can bring the wine glass closer to your nose and begin smelling the wine and enjoying its delicious aromas

  • Step 3: Taste: Once you have smelled the wine and taken in all its aromas, the next step is to begin tasting. When tasting the wine, remember to begin with a small sip

  • Step 4: Think: Now that you have smelled and tasted the wine, you can begin thinking about what you are tasting and whether you like the flavors and aromas. If you enjoyed the wine, writing down its name can be a great way to ensure you remember purchasing it before heading home

Following the steps discussed above, you can easily master how to smell and taste wine. So what are you waiting for? Book a tour with us now to test your wine-smelling and tasting skills.



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