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Fall Beers To Taste In Michigan

Beers- America’s most popular and beloved alcoholic beverages! The top beers to taste while touring Michigan- the great lake state with us, during the fall months of mid-September to late October. Book a tour with us and visit these Michigan breweries and experience the colors of fall while enjoying different flavors of beer.

Pumpkin Chai

Using herbal chai tea to add spice to the beer, instead of the regular addition of spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Left to age in bourbon barrels for eight months, this Pumpkin Chai beer has a more distinct flavor and is drier and more pungent than your regular pumpkin ale. You can try this beer on tour with us when we take you on a visit to Saugatuck Brewing Co.

Weathered and Hard Cider

If you are looking for something that represents the fall time, try the Weathered and Hard ciders from Stormcloud Brewing Co. Brewed from a collection of 14 varieties of apples specially grown in Michigan for this purpose.

Hunt For Rye October

Try this fall beer at Brewery 4 two 4 in Holland, MI. It is their interpretation of an Oktoberfest style beer in which they have added a Rye malt, and Liberty hops to make the beer punchier and crispier.

Just Jacked Pumpkin Ale

Just Jacked pumpkin ale is a beer with a pure pumpkin taste! Try this beer At Three Blondes Brewing in south haven, Michigan, and taste the fruit of the gourd and pumpkin spice finish.

Michigan beers are well known and well-loved by people all around the country. But, the beers during the fall season are a must-try during these months. Try out some of these fall beer favorites when the autumn leaves fall, and you are craving the best drinks that are available by booking a tour with us at our website.

Cheers and don't drink & drive,

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