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Don't Wine; It’s Just About the Beer

Are you a wine or a beer lover? This question alone is enough to spark a heated debate that might lead to World War III. However, do you know what will result in both parties agreeing to a peaceful surrender? A vineyard and breweries tour!

Here's how our southwest Michigan vineyards and breweries tour brings wine and beer enthusiasts together and allows both sides to appreciate both drinks equally.

First Stop: Wineries

So when you book a tour with us, our tour van usually makes the first stop at the Crane's winery in Fennville, followed by several other top-notch wineries in the area, including the newest winery, The Michigan Wine Company.

With a minimal tasting fee of only $10 paired with full-blown meals, the Cranes winery will be a delightful experience for you and leave you in boozy nirvana.

Here Come the Breweries

Did you think we'd leave you out of all the fun, beer lover?

We move on to the breweries after touring a few outstanding winemaking destinations. From there, we will take you to some of the best breweries the town has to offer — one of which is Waypost Brewing Company — located on a fruit farm.

You can sample some of the most outstanding local beers at Waypoint Brewing and pair them with nibbles from their snack menu.

Ending on a Positive Note with Cider and Boutique Cocktails

We end the tour on a high note by taking you to the last few places that offer the most exquisite ciders and inventive beverages after we've pleased all wine and beer enthusiasts with the tour of the local vineyards and breweries.

So you see, in the end, everyone, the wine, the beer, the cider lovers, goes home happy. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family and book southwest Michigan vineyards and breweries tour at our website now.



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