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Best Time to Tour a Vineyard or Brewery

If you are thinking of going on a vineyard or brewery tour, there is a lot to consider. The time of the year you are planning to go on your trip should be a major concern. The four different seasons of the year provide different experiences and thrills.

Visiting during different seasons is an excellent way to experience new tastes and flavors from the ever-growing list of beers and wines.

Beers come in all seasons; summer beers are lighter and more refreshing, while winter beers are more dark and compound. The beers of the other two seasons of autumn and spring-fall somewhere in between.

For sweeping green views, succulent grapes, and amazing sunsets, take a vineyard or brewery tour with us during the summer months. Taste the fruity, pale, and hoppy beers and wines like Rosé of Pinot Noir preferred in the summers.

Tour with us in the winter to experience fewer crowds, a completely different landscape, and a more personal experience. Have some Chardonnay or Cabernet or beer like stouts, porters, and bourbons to keep yourself warm.

Spring and Fall bring completely different adventures and experiences on our tours. Feel and enjoy the different colors and weather.

Visiting in autumn can allow you to see the vineyards in full swing, maybe witness the whole production process. Tempranillo and Sémillon wines are a must-try during the Fall. Then go for a Pumpkin or Maple beer and quench your thirst.

Spring offers amazing colorful, blooming landscapes and ideal weather. There are fewer crowds during spring, which means it could be a little less expensive. You can witness the bottling process during this time. Drink Prosecco and Riesling for that special spring feel. The beers to choose from during the spring seasons include Pines and fresh hops.

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